1698, 1700, 1702-04, 1706-08 BERGEN STREET, BROOKLYN


The Weeksville Heritage Center sits on a 2-acre site in Brooklyn and is comprised of five main buildings: the performance and education building that was completed in 2013 and the four historic houses that were originally constructed between 1840 and 1883. These historic houses are the last remnants of one of the first free black communities in New York. Among its early and prominent settlers was James Weeks, for whom Weeksville is named. The historic houses now serve as house museums, each highlighting different periods from the Civil War to the Great Depression era.

CTA's scope of work will focus on localized exterior repairs along with historic cedar shingle roofing replacement at 3 of the 4 houses. We are also designing a new climate-controlled archive room in the existing cellar. 


Owner:  Weeksville Heritage Center, 159 Buffalo Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Estimated Budget: $1M