When Wave Hill made the transition from private residence to publicly accessible estate and gardens, one of the solutions to accommodating visitors was to pave over the former tennis courts for use as a parking lot.  No significant changes were made to the single wide gate to the property that provides access to the parking area. This means that automobiles and pedestrians must use the same undivided entrance.  At some point a small block-like building was erected near the gate to provide some shelter for Wave Hill personnel dealing with admissions, parking and security.  Still, all transactions were made outdoors, rain or shine.

Through funds provided by the New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) Wave Hill is starting the process of fixing these problems and making the situation better.  CTA Architects has designed a reconfigured set of pathways and a new separate pedestrian gate mimicking the historic gate.  A new information kiosk/ gatehouse will welcome visitors both driving and on foot who will be able to perform their transactions under a generous graceful overhanging eave.  The personnel will have year round protection from the elements.

The design of the little building has been unanimously approved by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC).  The design draws on the vocabulary of the existing structures at Wave Hill, using local ashlar schist and a granite base, painted wood windows and a simple graceful slate roof with copper trim.  

Wave Hill is above all a garden so the design carefully respects the surrounding landscape.  The building is integrated into the surroundings and will result in no significant tree removals.