The Streb Lab for Action Mechanics (SLAM) is a converted masonry warehouse space in Williamsburg used for Streb Extreme Action’s acrobatic dance performances and classes. Our scope of work for the facade restoration consisted of a full facebrick replacement along with the partial rebuilding of the lower 3-wythe wall. New glass swinging and overhead doors and casement windows were installed. The parapet was rebuilt to increase its height. SLAM remained occupied throughout the entire construction.

Since 1985, Streb Extreme Action’s continued success as a non-profit has been made possible in part through public donations, we worked extensively with the contractor and suppliers to receive donations for goods and services, and the masonry construction ran through a particularly aggressive winter that saw three nor’easters. The SLAM restoration team’s shared commitment to making this project possible is a testament to Streb Extreme Action’s thrilling and singular performance style.


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Owner: Streb Lab for Action Mechanics, 51 North First Street, Brooklyn, NY

Budget: $200,000.00