Two Aesthetic Movement period rooms dating from 1881 taken from the Rockefeller mansion at 4 West 54th Street and donated to the Museum of the City of New York in 1937. The dressing room and master bedroom contain all of their original finishes including ceilings, period wallpaper and highly ornate inlaid built in cabinetry. The rooms also possess their original doors and windows.


Full graphic documentation of all walls, floors, cabinetry, framing, fireplace, doors and windows to allow for careful de-installation of the rooms. The work resulted in elevations, plans and section details of all of the architectural elements. Each element was carefully labeled and keyed to the drawings. The work was performed as the first step in donating these remarkable rooms to two museums. The master bedroom will be installed at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond and the dressing room will be installed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Owner: Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

Budget: Withheld.