The Irish Hunger Memorial is a memorial and commissioned work of art located in Manhattan’s Battery Park City. Its raised sloping concrete platform supports vegetation, fieldstone walls, and the roofless remains of a Famine Era cottage, which have all been relocated from Ireland. The base of the memorial is made of Carlow limestone from Kilkenny, Ireland alternating with bands of glass etched with text quoting historical documentation and commentary from the Great Irish Famine of 1845-1852. The surrounding plaza is paved with fossil Irish limestone from Kilkenny as well.

The project consisted of fully waterproofing the slab to address severe, persistent, through-slab leakage. The raised portion of the memorial, including the planted areas and soil, was excavated. After being carefully documented and catalogued, the fieldstone walls and a portion of the cottage base were disassembled and stored. The exposed concrete slab and core walls were prepared and repaired before waterproofing the underlying substrate. The soil was then reinstalled, and the fieldstone wall and cottage reconstructed. Original plantings were restored when possible, and new plantings were added with the assistance of our landscape consultant, SiteWorks LLC. This project was coordinated with the memorial’s artist, Brian Tole, to ensure the continued integrity of the memorial.   


Owner: Battery Park City Authority

Budget: Withheld