102 W. 119th STREET, 128 W. 116th STREET, 110 LENOX AVENUE, & 1971 7TH AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY


Under the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s (HPD) Affordable Neighborhood Cooperative Program, CB Emmanuel Realty LLC has set out to rehabilitate several distressed, city-owned multi-family properties. The goal of these rehabilitations is to create much-needed affordable cooperatives for low- and moderate-income households. This particular project is comprised of four circa-1900 residential buildings in Harlem.

Our scope of work with HPD and CB Emmanuel consists of gut rehabilitations at the four building, as well as facade restoration services. The apartment spaces will be redistributed; the elevators will be upgraded; new mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems will be installed; and appropriate structural work will be performed. One of the residential units will be renovated to comply with UFAS requirements, and the bathrooms and kitchens at all the units will be updated with new fixtures and finishes. The public spaces—including the lobby, hallways, elevator, and cellar—will receive new finishes, and a laundry room for residential use will be added to the cellar. All work on this project is being designed to Green Community standards and is subject to review by HPD.

At the exterior, we will be replacing all existing roofs, windows, and doors at the four buildings. Localized masonry repairs, waterproofing, and new flashing will be provided at the facades, entries, and bulkhead. As part of our commitment to increased ADA accessibility, the residential entrances will be reconfigured whenever possible. 102 West 119th Street is located in the South Harlem Historic District and will be filed with and approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Together with CB Emmanuel and HPD, it is our shared goal through this rehabilitation to improve the urban landscape by providing New York City one of its most essential and increasingly scarce resources: affordable housing.