Recently, while tour-guiding some friends from California, I took them to Prospect Park. While exiting the park we came upon Grand Army Plaza. Sometimes it takes showing off all the great places in Brooklyn to remind myself why I love living in Brooklyn as much as I do.

Originally, the grounds of the Grand Army Plaza were a battleground of the Battle of Long Island, which was the first battle of the American Revolution.


In 1975, Grand Army Plaza became a National Historic Landmark.

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch at the south end of the traffic oval. The sculptures were added to the arch in 1895


Just beyond the arch is Bailey Fountain


by David Espinoza


Fixer Upper

In the span of 15 years, on a thriving Brooklyn block, no one has claimed this building and made it a home. Every dwelling around it has been gutted and renovated, but not this one. This building has stayed in a constant state of distress. There has been a scaffolding or 2 over the years, but they just teased the place. Nothing was ever done to make it livable. Nothing was ever done to make it a home.

I often wonder what it will look like once it's renovated and given people to keep safe and warm inside. I hope I see that day in the near future. Don't you?


by Bridget Handler