Though I am a mere accountant at CTA, and therefore do not travel to sites around the City, I am lucky enough to be exposed to vistas that are unique to New York City, simply by living here.

This view, looking south from a rooftop in Chelsea, looks toward the Freedom Tower in Downtown Manhattan. The view, however, is obstructed by a series of building-top water towers. Being primarily a ground dweller of the City, I always forget about their existence and so when I enter a roof, I am always caught off-guard by not only their presence, but by the sheer number of them.

The water towers of New York City may seem antiquated, but they are still in use today. Though useful in providing water pressure to buildings around the city, they remain an iconic part of the New York City skyline and will be part of a citywide art project as linked below:


Accountants can have fun too!

View of the rooftops of Chelsea brought to you by Keith Lavit.