We are not the only architects in New York who design exterior restorations, and the competition is not always as scrupulous. So I was disquieted to watch the toppling of the knights on this parapet , who had proudly stood guard over West 151st Street for so many years, knowing that our hands would not catch their fall. Considering that they somehow have not been designated as having architectural significance or even special character (alas!), our friendly bureaucrats at Landmarks are likewise powerless to ensure their reemployment as sentinels of the block.

Will the Knights regain their posts, newly flashed and anchored? Or will they suffer the humiliating fate of replacement with that paragon of uninspired mediocrity, the plain masonry parapet? This time, I am just a neighbor who must wait in ignorance to find out. But I have one unusual insight from my vantage onto that building’s roof: they are still there, stacked among the detritus, eager to rise again. 

View of ornamental knights on a building on West 151st Street brought to you by Adam Poole.