36 Gramercy in Habitat Magazine


One of our favorite projects was just featured on Habitat Magazine's website. We are thrilled to see this award winning facade restoration getting some much deserved press. 

"We used a boom crane to access the facade, sound-testing each terra cotta piece with a sculptor’s hammer and numbering each piece for removal, restoration, replication, and/or reassembly.” -Dan Allen

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Above Broadway

99074.00_01lions copy.jpg

Twelve stories above the corner of Broadway and Walker Streets in Tribeca sits the magnificent cornice of 395 Broadway.  The 1901 sheet metal cornice was in sad condition when CTA began working on the restoration of the building in 2000.  Pieces of the ornate pressed metal were missing and in some cases the metal had corroded through leaving holes.

32. Cornice in.JPG

In order to confirm that there was no major damage to the supporting structure we cut a sizable hole in  the top surface wood decking and climbed down into the hollow cornice.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that the early Twentieth Century steel and brick support structure was in remarkably good condition.  Another surprise - when we looked down we saw intermittent flashes of yellow.  Turns out that we  were so far out over the street these flashes of yellow were taxis going down Broadway as viewed through the holes in the sheet metal.  

34. Cornice Comp.JPG

brought to you by Dan Allen



54 Bond Street Exterior Restoration, January 2013: Before restoration

The deteriorated facade is riddled with cast iron rust, missing cast iron pieces, metal plate supports, and sheet metal covering.

54 Bond Street Exterior Restoration

August 2015: After restoration

The scaffolding is removed and the facade shines like a gem.

Before and after views of the cast iron facade restoration at 54 Bond Street brought to you by Bradley Heraux.


Whenever I look down into the chimneys, I think I may see something crazy, but it’s usually just an empty void except one time I found a bird’s nest and 2 eggs.

Views of the masonry chimneys from various exterior restoration projects brought to you by Takushi Yoshida.



If you have ever wondered as to the ill effect of 50+ years of severe weather and the liberal application of deicing salts on un-protected concrete surfaces, wonder no more. This may be a little less glamorous than our previous entry, but in its way is no less impressive. Witness the full demolition of a 75’± concrete walkway for replacement on the 21st floor of this property (Chatham Green, 215 Park Row). The shoring supporting the rail in place is a work of elegance. Residents were necessarily re-housed for the duration of the repair. Yes, those are apartment entry doors. Upon completion you would never know we have been here excepting the beautiful new walkway.

Before (above) and after (below) views of a concrete walkway restoration at Chatham Green brought to you by Frank Scanlon.