A Lion Guards in Riverdale

Riverdale, Bronx has many unique buildings, but I’m particularly fond of this one, which I pass every day on the way home. It’s a Flemish-style residential/commercial complex with stepped cornices and lions guarding the front.

View of a guarding lion at a Riverdale residential complex brought to you by Monica Barraclough.



If you have ever wondered as to the ill effect of 50+ years of severe weather and the liberal application of deicing salts on un-protected concrete surfaces, wonder no more. This may be a little less glamorous than our previous entry, but in its way is no less impressive. Witness the full demolition of a 75’± concrete walkway for replacement on the 21st floor of this property (Chatham Green, 215 Park Row). The shoring supporting the rail in place is a work of elegance. Residents were necessarily re-housed for the duration of the repair. Yes, those are apartment entry doors. Upon completion you would never know we have been here excepting the beautiful new walkway.

Before (above) and after (below) views of a concrete walkway restoration at Chatham Green brought to you by Frank Scanlon.



While the iconography of NYC bridges is synonymous with a dynamic people stretching past their natural limitations, some connections don’t necessarily evoke a bustling metropolis.  A rough-hewn stepped archway connects a riverside home to Palisade Avenue in the Bronx, while the Henry Hudson Bridge connects leafy Spuyten Duyvil to the last natural forest of ancient Manhattan, Inwood Hill Park.

Views of a Palisade Avenue residence (above) and Henry Hudson Bridge (below), both brought to you by John Sicoli.