Beauty To Take You Anywhere

28th street mosaic 1.jpg

Sometimes beauty hides in the most unrecognizable places: like in an underground station, where hundreds of people speed walk at rush hour every day, barely even making eye-contact. 

28th street mosaic 2.jpg

The new design of the walls at the 28th Street 6 subway station brought a breath of fresh air and elegance to the usually smelly and dirty subway commute. I stumbled upon this gem a couple of weeks after its re-opening, and instantly understood what the artist was trying to transmit. With just a quick glimpse at the flowers, my mind went from thinking about the freezing temperatures and the rush of the city, to a warm and quiet respite. Needless to say, it did not last long, as I was soon on one of the loud and fluorescent lit subway cars, heading to site to get on with my day.

28th street mosaic 3.jpg

It is incredible that in the middle of an immense city made of concrete and steel, a cold and solid mosaic tile can transport us to a warm and fresh space. Sometimes you only need your eyes and your imagination to feel like you are in a different place.

28th street mosaic 4.jpg

-by Laura Blanco-Moreno


In a Cuban Minute

Between the daily scramble to the metro and the hurried morning coffee, New York City’s pace can be overwhelming.


It was refreshing to experience a city which, at least superficially, appeared at rest; almost frozen. Yet, behind it’s historic stoic facade, the runnings of daily life hummed with activity. Cars constantly on the move, pedestrians just like me and you idly observing from the balcony, watching everything unfold in a New York minute.



-by Freddy Melo



If you have ever wondered as to the ill effect of 50+ years of severe weather and the liberal application of deicing salts on un-protected concrete surfaces, wonder no more. This may be a little less glamorous than our previous entry, but in its way is no less impressive. Witness the full demolition of a 75’± concrete walkway for replacement on the 21st floor of this property (Chatham Green, 215 Park Row). The shoring supporting the rail in place is a work of elegance. Residents were necessarily re-housed for the duration of the repair. Yes, those are apartment entry doors. Upon completion you would never know we have been here excepting the beautiful new walkway.

Before (above) and after (below) views of a concrete walkway restoration at Chatham Green brought to you by Frank Scanlon.



Though I am a mere accountant at CTA, and therefore do not travel to sites around the City, I am lucky enough to be exposed to vistas that are unique to New York City, simply by living here.

This view, looking south from a rooftop in Chelsea, looks toward the Freedom Tower in Downtown Manhattan. The view, however, is obstructed by a series of building-top water towers. Being primarily a ground dweller of the City, I always forget about their existence and so when I enter a roof, I am always caught off-guard by not only their presence, but by the sheer number of them.

The water towers of New York City may seem antiquated, but they are still in use today. Though useful in providing water pressure to buildings around the city, they remain an iconic part of the New York City skyline and will be part of a citywide art project as linked below:

Accountants can have fun too!

View of the rooftops of Chelsea brought to you by Keith Lavit.