Looking like something out of a fairy tale, or maybe even The Hobbit, the Gingerbread House can be found in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Sitting on manicured property that spans a whole city block and half an avenue, it is an unlikely sight and one of the most unique houses in New York City.

View of the fantastical Gingerbread House brought to you by Katie Ipcar.



This picture is from after Superstorm Sandy hit New York City, and it shows just a very small amount of damage a single store at Fulton Mall suffered. Knowing that we are helping so many people who are still trying to rebuild, now 3 years later, lets me know that we are in the right field. Not many companies have the ability to help rebuild, and we are one of them.

View of Superstorm Sandy damage at Fulton Mall in Brooklyn brought to you by Bridget Handler.



So many definitions of beauty… Sometimes it lies beneath, sometimes it is expressed, or felt, or seen.  Most times it is found in places you are not expecting it to be.  On those happy days, when you look up and see something that makes you pause while you are standing on the roof ridge of one of your buildings, you cherish it.  Later in the day when you recount your view to a loved one, just be sure to fib a little bit about how high you were above the street.

View of a roof ridge in Park Slope, Brooklyn brought to you by Tim Jagisch. 


In order to confirm the location and size of the post tensioned tendons located with The Ground Penetrating Radar survey at 8501 5thAvenue, Brooklyn, the concrete slab was carefully jack-hammered in the marked locations. The exposed tendons confirmed that the GPR survey accurately located and indicated the size of the tendons.

Tendons are high-strength steel cables, coated with a protective coating, and encased in plastic duct sleeves. They are anchored at each end of the structure and are then embedded in a poured concrete slab. After the concrete slab is cured to a minimum of 75% of the 28-day design strength hydraulic jacks at each end of the slab tension the tendons to apply 33,000 pounds of force to the structure.

These tendons span the entire city block from 85th Street across to 86th Street. 

Views of steel tension tendons being exposed brought to you by Sasa Mikavica.


The United States is often referred to as the Great Melting Pot. This is not always so obvious on the buildings we work on. But at Bishop Ford, a Catholic School built in Brooklyn in 1962 where CTA is designing a renovation for a new public school, true East/West ornamentation is visible. The crucifix over the main entrance grows out of a Torii, a common Asian symbol most often seen in gates leading to Japanese Shinto shrines.

View of the rooftop of Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School brought to you by Craig Tooman.


Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School may have closed earlier this year, but the presence of Francis Xavier Ford, Sinophile and martyr of the Catholic Church, endures. His mosaic likeness welcomes the multitudes of designers and consultants who cross his doorstep. And if, in the saving of his sprawling edifice, we are ground underfoot and spat upon and worn out, we shall have become the Prospect Expressway (which, unlike the Kings Highway, is actually nearby) for every child in pathless Brooklyn.

View of mosaic at Bishop Ford Central High School brought to you by Adam Poole.