Patterns of Destruction


I always imagined that if a building could speak the stories acquired over their lifespans, it would be expansive. I imagine the Abraham Residence especially has quite the story to tell. In its early beginnings it was a hotel that since has become a place to call home for homeless seniors. Tucked away in Seagate, Brooklyn which is essentially an extension of Coney Island it found itself in the crosshairs of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Sandy nearly closed the cover on any of those stories the Abraham Residence had sealed within its walls as the first floor which reached well above grade suddenly found itself 1’ underwater. During my inspection I was told they had prepared for the flooding however, what they were not prepared for was water advancing from the opposite side where it was more vulnerable. Traversing through the basement the story was that of a basement that had fought to stay together just as its inhabitants fought to stay from returning to the streets. While the struggles were many, and the repairs are even more, in the end there is a sprouting sign of hope.

by William Aimi