Maps That Paint a Story

I was inspired by a book I picked up at a coffee shop. “Mapping Manhattan, a Love (and sometimes hate) Story in Maps” written by Becky Cooper. This particular afternoon I sat with co-workers as we awaited on an engineer to arrive on site, and I stopped to think how well this book told the individual stories of how people really experience, feel, and describe the NYC streets and buildings. Each map painted a story of humanity, and a story of memories, filling the blank canvas that is the island of Manhattan.

I wondered what a CTA story would look like in this book. Visits to so many buildings, meeting so many different professionals, consultants, tenants and city agencies. Our experiences could really fill this whole book. We would tell a story of how an architect interacts with NY and how those interactions translate into physical marks upon the cityscape.

Would love to see that map.

-by Jacline Vargas