One Does Want a Hint of Color

I like color. And not just regular color, but bold color, bright color, pastel color. I’ve had hair that might be best described as “watermelon eleganza,” my wardrobe’s color palette suggests I’m ready year-round for an Easter egg hunt (with me dressed as the Easter egg), and I was once told that I looked like the interior design from Golden Girls. Kinder words have truly never been spoken, so needless to say I was fainting-chaise-bound for a solid month after that compliment.


As such, I’m always delighted whenever I come across a kindred spirit (aesthetically speaking) for work, so when I encountered this lobby during a site visit a few weeks ago, it quite obviously spoke to me. (“You? Love this lobby? Well color me shocked,” said nobody ever.) My point is that for someone who loves color as much as me, it’s odd to then find myself working with architects, what with their love of black and all. Sure, black is a color, too, but where’s the fun in that?

Seriously, it’s like Nathan Lane said in The Birdcage: “One does want a hint of color.” I’m just not sure what he meant by “hint”…



by Ben Horner