Piece of Art or Piece of .....?

These two buildings were built by non-architects. The first Is called Palazzio Chupi by the artist Julian Schnabel.  The first time I came across it, I was biking down 11th street. I was completely in shock when I saw it, and immediately took out my phone like a tourist and captured a picture. 

Later, I was so curious about why and what this building was all about that the architecture geek in me googled the location. I found that this controversial building was meant to be a historic renovation of that house (?!!), but was not designed by an actual architect or historic preservation specialist. 


This building has many critical responses. Art critic Dodie Kazanjian called it a "piece of art" and Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, describes Schnabel's building as "woefully out of context and a monument to this guy's ego." 

You be the judge.

IMG_3457 (1).jpg

The second building is clearly not designed by an architect. It is a classic "quick-fix" of an old building in Jersey City by a developer or landlord.

It almost looks like "art", or like two conjoined twins who decided to be separated at one point in their life to collect rent and move on.

Unfortunately, there is no art critic commenting on this "art piece". But as a young junior architect myself (a nobody), I think these two buildings can be both: a piece of art or piece of ..... and that's what makes me like architecture. The architect and architecture don't matter most of the time. Buildings speak for themselves with their character and personality. 


by Sean Esrafily