News on the March

News: it’s on the front page, it’s 24 hours, and sometimes it’s even fake! That probably ain’t news to you, but what you might not know good ol’ CTA Architects is getting in on all of that breaking news action! So in the spirit of the above still from the news reel in Citizen Kane, here’s the CTA news that’s been on the march this week:

  • The New York Real Estate Journal’s “Daily REcap” newsletter gave a shoutout to our renovation project at STREB. It just began and publications are already spreading the word? That’s some REally exciting REnovation news! You can read the full story about the renovation here





Well, that’s it for this week’s news on the march with CTA, but I’ll be back soon with more CTA news soon! CTA News: the news you can use (to make all of your friends and family jealous about where you work)!