CLX Steps

1 IMG_1956.jpg

My neighborhood in the Bronx, Riverdale, is extremely hilly, so we have a multitude of stairs. One of the longest (and prettiest) stretches of stairs leads through Ewen Park.

2 IMG_1945.JPG

It’s CLX steps total , but I do warn you, from experience, it feels more like CCLX steps if you’re going up!  They curve gently, leading through the main slopes of the park - this one is a very popular sledding spot in the winter!

4 IMG_1950.JPG

Every few flights there are small statues of fish on the sides of the stairs. I assume these are here to remind us of salmon swimming upstream, and/or to distract us from the XLI steps left to go! 

3 IMG_1952.JPG

So long park, and thanks for all the fish!



By Monica Barraclough