Oh yes I did!

So, prior to August 21st 2017, the last total solar eclipse on the contiguous 48 occurred in 1979. Back then, I was 9, there were no cell phones or Amazon or frankly solar eclipse glasses! So, please don't judge my 30 second time lapse video, 2:30PM - 3:00PM on Monday 8/21. My iPhone wore solar glasses (for those who may be concerned) as did I. I set my selfie tripod up in my front yard and put my phone to work. While my video may not be a stunning work of art, I have to say I let my geek flag fly on this. I was so excited for the eclipse, we left work early, kept the kids home from camp, donned our ultra cool retro 3D style glasses, followed all of the staring at the sun rules and had a great geeky time. I'm already looking forward to April 2024, although at that point my (future) 18 year daughter may be having none of my geekiness!


brought to you by Christa Waring