You all know that NYC Summer smell and air and how it differs from the Winter smell and air. It is difficult when you are walking around in it to see the difference however. There is a significant visible difference noticeable to those amongst us lucky enough to have frequent access to high places especially along a river edge. Below you will see three photographs taken from the same vantage point looking from a high point in Brooklyn Heights over toward New Jersey. In the first (mid-July, image above) the Summer heat is building and the air is visibly thickening over the horizon. In the second the heat has reached it climax and the air is at its chunkiest (mid-September, first image below). Note the nice thick orange blanket over the horizon. In the third (mid-December, second image below) Winter is coming and the air is clean again. Hooray.

Views from Brooklyn Heights of the New York City and New Jersey horizon brought to you by Frank Scanlon.