I studied interior architecture because I believed living spaces can change people’s lives. After one of my first projects here in New York, I was convinced this is true.

On one of my first site visits in CTA, I visited a simple brick building in the Bronx. It all started as a simple, regular punch list on the installation of windows…making sure everything was working.

I soon began to notice that for the people living in this building, it wasn’t that simple. They had been living there for a long time and were experiencing their first change of windows. It was a big deal to them to go from freezing and melting temperatures in the New York ever-changing  weather to “comfort.”

That is how many of them described it. One of them even told me they weren’t using the largest of their bedrooms because it was too cold. That meant that we weren’t just giving them windows…we where giving them a new space…a new home.

“A building is not just a place to be but a way to be.”–Frank Lloyd Wright

Views of a Bronx apartment window replacement brought to you by Laura Blanco Moreno.