Has anyone ever used that term to describe NYC? Moving from the relaxed pace of the District of Columbia to New York City, I always told myself I would never let the chaos of ‘the city that never sleeps’ get to me. From the first day of living here, I thought it would be impossible. That was until I realized that the city itself is not the chaos, it’s the culture. The city itself is calm and relaxed. It takes a beating from the transportation, weather, inhabitants and tourists, yet it stands tall and collected.

This may be the greatest city in the world because we can use this city to be what we want it to be for our own individual desires, yet most of us would also attest that this is the most chaotic city in the US. Why does it have to be?

Views of the New York City skyline from Weehawken, New Jersey (above) and a rooftop near Union Square (below) brought to you by Nick Pepe.