20th Century Worship

Many ancient stained glass windows contain an image of the host church in them.  This window at St. Paul’s in the Village of Flatbush is no exception.  There's St. Paul's but in this case accompanied by an airplane and many recognizable Brooklyn buildings dating this beauty from the middle of the 20th Century.

by Dan Allen


Scalable, Efficient - Retrofit Solutions Under Development

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) recently awarded the first six Energiesprong-style retrofits. This announcement comes as an exciting new development to last year’s article in Passive House Buildings about NY State’s planned implementation of the burgeoning retrofit style that aims to create standardized, scalable, deep energy-efficient retrofit solutions.

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Mismatched Wallpaper Mystery

At 211 Warren Street in Hudson New York we are finally under construction on our first Passive House. 


Uncovered during demolition we found these boards supporting the center of the house. They are covered with mismatched wallpaper, possibly dating to the early 1800s. Is it possible that these boards were taken from another house to build this one?


-by Craig Tooman


Secret Spaces


To some

an attic may be a scary place,

dusty, worn,

eerily silent.

But to me,

an attic speaks

of possibility,

secret spaces to be revealed,

and new life.

-by Christa Waring



Peering into an old vent pipe using an endoscope: we do like old things, at different scales; we even like their scales.

IMG_5417 blog.jpeg

...And other hidden spaces of various scales.

IMG_5436 blog.jpeg

-By Chris Huffman


Shutter Dogs

(top right: shuttle pintle bottom right: shutter dogs)

Preservation architects have a plethora of skill sets. Some we perform everyday, others not so often. We suspend from sides of buildings to review facades up close. We develop intricate details for modern interventions into historic fabric. Rarely, though, do we get the opportunity to observe, catalogue, and organize historic shutter hardware! CTA was tasked with reviewing salvaged shutter hardware, testing it’s operability, and cataloguing each piece for possible reuse or replication. We will then incorporate detailed drawings of these pieces into the restoration drawings, calling out existing pieces to be restored and reinstalled, or for new pieces to be made to match the existing. 

by Chelsea Brandt


Where one can imagine the French countryside

2017-11-17 10.14.41.JPG

Everyone knows New Yorkers create rooftop hideaways to distance themselves from the hustle and bustle below. I always see lush garden patios, but one Tribeca roof stood out to me. Instead of a garden, the elevator bulkhead was transformed into a miniature Le Corbusier villa where one can imagine they are in the French countryside.

2017-11-17 10.14.55.JPG
2017-11-17 10.34.00.JPG



-- by Charlotte Parsons