The project to repair the exterior façade at 55 Hanson Place is divided into 6 sections; Exterior Wall General, Cast Stone Base, Lintels & Sills, Ornamental Terra Cotta, Windows / Doors / Building Entrance, and Playground / Rear Yard.



55 Hanson was constructed in 1914 – 1915.  It is 13 stories in height, with 3 street elevations and one rear elevation facing the adjacent properties.  The street elevations face Fort Green Place, Hanson Place and South Elliot Place.  The rear elevation is set back from the property line to create a rear yard, and the rear elevation at South Elliott Place falls along the property line and abuts the adjacent building.  

The lot is approximately 200 feet along Hanson Place, and 126 feet deep along both South Elliott and Fort Green Place.  The building’s main entrance is located at the Hanson Place façade, which is the southern elevation of the building.

The building has a steel super-structure and concrete floors.  The exterior walls are fully bonded masonry walls meaning that the walls are solid masonry, approximately 12” in thickness, with header courses connecting the face masonry with the backup masonry to create a monolithic wall assembly.  The exterior walls are not bearing walls as they do not support the weight of the floor slabs.  The walls bear on the steel super-structure at each floor level and the only load they support is their own.