Built in 1873 to the designs of Charles Wright, 32 and 34 Greene Street are companion five-story mercantile buildings that feature a self-supporting, ornate nineteenth century cast iron facade. Both buildings have been named New York City Landmarks due to their location in the SoHo Cast Iron Historic District.

The restoration of 32 Greene Street began with full exterior documentation including windows, facades, and cornices. Repair of deteriorated portions and replication of missing components and complete replacement of all windows with operating historically appropriate new windows was part of the preservation of the cast iron façade. The cornice for 32 Greene Street was fully replicated, and the 34 Greene Street cornice was restored with partial replication: new masonry support walls and stainless steel armatures were installed for both cornices. All street façade elements were painted to match a paint color based upon paint analysis and approved by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.


Owner: Sorgente Group, 805 Third Avenue

Budget: $765,000