Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, this project consisted of a 3,200 square foot new story plus penthouse designed and constructed atop an existing early 20th century eight-story tan brick and limestone residential building with ground floor. The existing half-floor at the top of the building was demolished and the new construction is supported on existing load bearing walls.

A new metal and wood-floating staircase defines the space and connects the upper and lower floors of the duplex. Existing elevators were raised to service the two new “high end” duplex apartments created.  Commercial spaces on Madison Avenue were expanded into what was previously an empty side yard.

Respecting the original aesthetic qualities of the building, a tan roman brick cavity wall system was added to the facade, providing a modern waterproofing solution. The cornice was also raised and replaced as part of the new addition.


Agent: Fernbach LLC, 420 West End Avenue, New York, NY

Budget: $4,500,000