Hot Off the Presses


Have you seen His Girl Friday? It’s delicious, isn’t it? Some of you might not have the appetite for a black and white flicker pictures (that’s what Olds like me called ‘em back in the day), but trust me when I tell you that this movie has everything you could ask for to tickle your tastebuds, cinematically speaking. Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell’s chemistry crackles, Ms. Rosalind’s costumes will give you first degree burns born from the raging fires of pure sartorial envy (bring the aloe), the Hawskian rat-a-tat banter is first rate, and somebody please fetch me a lifesaver, because if these accents were more Midatlantic, I’d drown in the ocean! Oh, and most importantly, it’s about NEWS, and isn’t that the name of this game? So in the spirit of the above still of Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell breaking a story in His Girl Friday, here’s this week’s late-breaking news:

  • It seems only fitting that in the windup to St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the Irish Hunger Memorial would get some love, so here’s a piece about our renovation in Prism. Incidentally, it turns out Prism is a publication about sustainability and built environments and not a weblog devoted to my favorite Katy Perry album. #themoreyouknow
  • And speaking of things that shine bright like a diamond, here’s a piece from Landscape + Urbanism that you’re guaranteed to like so much you will put a ring on it. I normally don’t mix my popstar metaphors so egregiously, but then again, I don’t usually write to my TGIF Spotify playlist either, so I guess today is all about breaking the news and breaking the rules!

Well, that’s all for this week’s news that Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell and the fine folks of the internet have broken. CTA news: news that proves that if it is broken, CTA can fix it!

Empty Space

Often times, many months go by between our initial visits to survey a site and the issue of construction documents to a contractor. The majority of the design process happens during this time and we often use photographs and our own memory to visualize the spaces we are designing. Once we finally issue construction documents and visit the site again, just prior to construction, we no longer see the empty space… we see the spaces that have been designed. These two photos were taken at this point, after construction documents had been issued, but before the start of construction. Can you tell which empty space will become a preschool and which will become a cafe?

Blog Photo 1.jpeg
Blog Photo 2.jpeg



By Ryan Esparza


News on the March

News: it’s on the front page, it’s 24 hours, and sometimes it’s even fake! That probably ain’t news to you, but what you might not know good ol’ CTA Architects is getting in on all of that breaking news action! So in the spirit of the above still from the news reel in Citizen Kane, here’s the CTA news that’s been on the march this week:

  • The New York Real Estate Journal’s “Daily REcap” newsletter gave a shoutout to our renovation project at STREB. It just began and publications are already spreading the word? That’s some REally exciting REnovation news! You can read the full story about the renovation here





Well, that’s it for this week’s news on the march with CTA, but I’ll be back soon with more CTA news soon! CTA News: the news you can use (to make all of your friends and family jealous about where you work)!




Spring Cleaning


White Glazed Brick - love it or hate it, one thing I can say for sure is that it cleans up pretty nicely. Decades worth of dirt and grime effortlessly wash away from the surface of this brick facade. 





By Nicole Grosso

CLX Steps

1 IMG_1956.jpg

My neighborhood in the Bronx, Riverdale, is extremely hilly, so we have a multitude of stairs. One of the longest (and prettiest) stretches of stairs leads through Ewen Park.

2 IMG_1945.JPG

It’s CLX steps total , but I do warn you, from experience, it feels more like CCLX steps if you’re going up!  They curve gently, leading through the main slopes of the park - this one is a very popular sledding spot in the winter!

4 IMG_1950.JPG

Every few flights there are small statues of fish on the sides of the stairs. I assume these are here to remind us of salmon swimming upstream, and/or to distract us from the XLI steps left to go! 

3 IMG_1952.JPG

So long park, and thanks for all the fish!



By Monica Barraclough


Kaskel + Kaskel


Here is a photo of the beautiful 1903 Kaskel & Kaskel Building which is being deomolished and replaced with a 40-story tower. All efforts to save it have failed.  The wonderful mansard roof is already gone. 

Built in 1903, the Kaskel & Kaskel building originally served as a high-end men’s clothing store. Local preservationists have been fighting to save this building for nearly a decade now by expanding the Madison Square North Historic District and by getting the building individually designated.


Ironically, in the background is the site of McKim Mead & White's Pennsylvania Station, Destroyed in 1962-1963.


by Dan Allen