36 Gramercy in Habitat Magazine


One of our favorite projects was just featured on Habitat Magazine's website. We are thrilled to see this award winning facade restoration getting some much deserved press. 

"We used a boom crane to access the facade, sound-testing each terra cotta piece with a sculptor’s hammer and numbering each piece for removal, restoration, replication, and/or reassembly.” -Dan Allen

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Above Broadway

99074.00_01lions copy.jpg

Twelve stories above the corner of Broadway and Walker Streets in Tribeca sits the magnificent cornice of 395 Broadway.  The 1901 sheet metal cornice was in sad condition when CTA began working on the restoration of the building in 2000.  Pieces of the ornate pressed metal were missing and in some cases the metal had corroded through leaving holes.

32. Cornice in.JPG

In order to confirm that there was no major damage to the supporting structure we cut a sizable hole in  the top surface wood decking and climbed down into the hollow cornice.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that the early Twentieth Century steel and brick support structure was in remarkably good condition.  Another surprise - when we looked down we saw intermittent flashes of yellow.  Turns out that we  were so far out over the street these flashes of yellow were taxis going down Broadway as viewed through the holes in the sheet metal.  

34. Cornice Comp.JPG

brought to you by Dan Allen


Oh yes I did!

So, prior to August 21st 2017, the last total solar eclipse on the contiguous 48 occurred in 1979. Back then, I was 9, there were no cell phones or Amazon or frankly solar eclipse glasses! So, please don't judge my 30 second time lapse video, 2:30PM - 3:00PM on Monday 8/21. My iPhone wore solar glasses (for those who may be concerned) as did I. I set my selfie tripod up in my front yard and put my phone to work. While my video may not be a stunning work of art, I have to say I let my geek flag fly on this. I was so excited for the eclipse, we left work early, kept the kids home from camp, donned our ultra cool retro 3D style glasses, followed all of the staring at the sun rules and had a great geeky time. I'm already looking forward to April 2024, although at that point my (future) 18 year daughter may be having none of my geekiness!


brought to you by Christa Waring

UFOs Invading Manhattan

Looking out the window of a building code seminar to see...
the fluorescent UFOs invading Manhattan, pondering docking at the Freedom tower spire, the Trinity Church spire, or the downtown cranes. Searching for the one they call “FISP”. They knew parking wouldn’t be easy.


brought to you by Chris Huffman

Good News for Irish Hunger Memorial

We are thrilled to see our completed work at the Irish Hunger Memorial being featured in both the Tribeca Trib and on the front cover of this past week's Irish Voice Newspaper. Proud to be involved in such an important project for the city of New York and for the Irish community.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 11.48.48 AM.png

Manhattan Memorial

a metaphor for Ireland’s Great Hunger, a reminder that hunger exists today.

Closed since last August...

for waterproofing repairs, Battery Park City’s Irish Hunger Memorial officially reopened on Friday.

Fixer Upper

In the span of 15 years, on a thriving Brooklyn block, no one has claimed this building and made it a home. Every dwelling around it has been gutted and renovated, but not this one. This building has stayed in a constant state of distress. There has been a scaffolding or 2 over the years, but they just teased the place. Nothing was ever done to make it livable. Nothing was ever done to make it a home.

I often wonder what it will look like once it's renovated and given people to keep safe and warm inside. I hope I see that day in the near future. Don't you?


by Bridget Handler