Renovation of 3,000 square foot apartment in an existing 1920's steel frame loft building.


The division between the two original apartments allowed for the separation of the common areas from the sleeping quarters. The private and common areas are separated with two large steel sliding doors reminiscent of old storage building fire doors. The doors allow for both the inclusion of the home office/guest room, the library and play room into the large living and dining area, or the complete separation of the spaces. The combined library and play room area is set in the more private area of the apartment and is furnished with custom built wood rolling cabinetry, designed with different colors on its various faces, allowing the space to be transformed by the colors chosen for the cabinetry in its closed position. The master suite is set to one side of the apartment away from the other bedrooms and the main common space to give it a separate sense of privacy. The existing combination of the two apartments allowed for two entrances to the space. The secondary entrance is used to access a "mud room" that is finished with large slate tiles and is used for stroller and bike parking as well as a laundry room and pantry.

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